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Health Insurance Claims Forms

Finally! An Affordable 100% Recycled Paper
Made From Recycled Food & Beverage Containers

It’s Shockingly Affordable!Health Insurance Claims Forms
While recycled papers have been around for years, they represent a small portion of the fine paper market. Why? Cost is the biggest factor contributing to the limited demand of recycled paper.

Recognizing that people want green products that not only make sense for the environment but for their budget as well, we developed an affordable 100% Recycled Paper.

Printworks 100% Recycled Paper is made from recycled poly-coated food and beverage containers - a lower cost source of material as compared to recycled office paper. A proprietary process is used to separate the paper from the poly lining (the shiny stuff that controls temperature and moisture) which is later sold for use in wood substitute products, like decking and fencing materials.

Health Insurance Claims Forms

It’s Earth Friendly
Recycling food and beverage containers is an environmentally sustainable production system - it keeps paper from going to the landfill and no new trees are used. Recycling:

Reduces the demand on forests
Uses less energy
Produces fewer toxic releases
Saves water
Reduces waste that would otherwise be landfilled

Made in the USAIn addition, forty percent of all paper collected for recycling in the US is sent on a journey of up to 7,000 miles to overseas markets, primarily Asia, where it is remanufactured in to paper products, many of which are sent right back to the US. This round trip of up to 14,000 miles, creates a vast carbon footprint compared to paper recycled in the US.

It’s in Your Favorite Products
Available in a wide variety of converted paper including:


  100% Recycled Multipurpose Paper


  Punched Sheets
  Perforated Sheets
  Computer Paper
  Jumbo Rolls

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