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Environmental Facts

In the U.S, more trees are lost each year to fire, insects, blights and other natural causes than are harvested for paper and timber.
Trees, like corn and wheat, are crops. They are planted with the main purpose of being harvested for wood and paper products. Paper from certified forests are a true renewable resource.
Every day, the wood and paper products industry plants 1.7 million trees. This surpasses the number of trees that are harvested.
Today, the U.S has 513 million acres of timberland and forest. This is 12 million more acres than there were 20 years ago.
An acre of healthy trees will produce 4,280 lbs of oxygen and remove 5,880 lbs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.
The first tree farm was established in Washington State.
The term “tree farming” was first used in the 1940’s to introduce the public to sustainable forestry terminology they could easily understand.



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