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Elementree Products
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Paris is one of the largest paper converters in North America



Elementree Products

The future looks good on paper…
because of the trees we plant today.

FSC CertificationWe know what you’re thinking…Paper can’t be good for the environment. It’s made from trees. Trees are cut down. Therefore, there are fewer trees. It seems logical. But that’s not the way it is.

Here’s how Elementree products help the environment: when you buy products with the Elementree logo, you are helping to preserve the environment by contributing to the reforestation of North America. That’s because, on average, 3 trees are planted for every 1 tree harvested to make paper. That adds up to 1.7 million trees planted every day! More trees mean cleaner air, water and soil. A healthier North America for all of us.

Elementree paper comes from certified and responsibly managed North American forests. As a result, we meet the demand for paper products without compromising forest health and diversity.

You can print responsibly knowing Elementree paper is good for the environment.

Click on all the environmentally friendly paper products offered by Paris below to learn more.

Elementree Products


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