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Document fraud is growing at an alarming rate and every business is vulnerable.  Today’s technology has made document alteration and duplication easy for criminals.  A document with multiple security features is much more difficult to duplicate using a copier, scanner or camera.  DocuGard Medical & Multi-Purpose security paper, with up to 10 security features per sheet, ensures maximum protection against fraud.  DocuGard medical security papers meet all federal guidelines for tamper resistance.

Medical & Multi-Purpose Security Papers

Security Paper - Standard Security Paper Advanced Security Paper Supreme
6 Security Features
7 Security Features
10 Security Features
6 features
2 pt. Blue/Canary
6 features
7 features
7 features
8 1/2" x 11"
10 features
17" x 11"
10 features

Security Features

At minimum, DocuGard’s security paper features include a VOID pantograph, erasure-resistant ink, printed watermarks, coin-reactive ink, microtext printing and a security feature listing.

Security Paper - Multi Purpose State Specific Pescription Paper
2 or 7 Security Features
State Specific
Papers Available
2 features
7 features

California & Georgia

Multi-Purpose security paper can be used in a variety of applications such as contracts, price lists, proposals, coupons, HR documents, transcripts, wills and more.

Our newest products are state specific prescription papers. With the growing demand for higher security in the medical field, states are coming up with individual requirements for prescription paper. Paris is developing prescription papers to meet that need.

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